When foreigners establish sole proprietorships and corporations in Japan, public insurance is required for their dependents, and employees. Be sure to be acquainted with the Japanese system: who has to be covered, what are the procedures, etc. those are the questions to which you will be able to answer after reading the following points.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Public Health Insurance & Pension Overview
    • Individuals
    • Dependents of Individuals Who Start Businesses
  • Labour Insurance
    • Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance
    • Employment Insurance
    • Special Enrolment for Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance Premiums for Small- and Medium-Size Employers
  • Public Insurance for Employees
    • Obligation to Enrol Regular Employees in Insurance
    • Obligation to Enrol Part-Time Employees in Insurance
    • Obligation to Enrol in Public Insurance (for Different Business Offices)
    • Employees Eligible for Insurance
  • Premiums and Payment Methods
    • National Health Insurance Premiums
    • National Pension Premiums
    • Social Insurance Premium
    • Labour Insurance Payment
    • Summary Table
  • Example of Total Cost
  • Notification of Public Insurance Enrolment
  • Resignation of Employee
  • Expert Reports
  • Further Reading
  • Relevant Organisations and Trade Fairs