Factsheet: EPA & Fishery Products

About the Factsheet

The aim of this Factsheet is to explain to EU exporters of fishery products the market access opportunities offered by the EU-Japan Economic Partnership (EPA). This factsheet takes a close look at market access, focusing on tariff lines and the different types of preferences applied by Japan on imports of EU fish products. It then gives comprehensive information the rules of origin applied for these fishery products. 

28-05-20 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h CET

EPA Helpdesk Webinar 22: Fisheries

How can EU exporters of fishery products benefit from EPA concessions in exporting its products to Japan?

EPA & Fisheries

About Fisheries:

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About Fishing

With nearly 30,000 km of coastline, Japan’s geographical conditions are very favourable for fishing. Its 2017 fishery production totalled 4.30 million tonnes. However, the industry on the decline and production is falling.

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About Agroindustry

Until recently, Japanese agriculture experienced a long period of contraction. Since 1990, the value of Japan’s agricultural production has decreased by more than 25% and the number of commercial farm households and agricultural workers by more than 50%.

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